Jayant Parikh

25 years of Indian Art by Lalit Kala Acadamy New Delhi

Feel honoured to write for this post of jayant's art journey . His work was published in book published by Lalit Kala academic New Delhi ( the most authentic institution for Indian art in India ) . Book gives information of most valuable authentic artist total 192 from that 32 artist art work published in this book along with jayant's work there are work of AKBAR PADAMSEE , V S GAITONDE, N S BENDRE, KRISHNA REDDY, M F HUSSAIN, S H SOUZA, G R SANTOSH, J SWAMINATHAN, Few other artist there name there TAYEB MEHTA, BHUPEN KHAKHAR, This all information is to value a forgetting star in sky of Indian contemporary art that is Jayant parikh . His painting in this book is from collection of TATA institute of fundamental Research.

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