Jayant Parikh

25 years of Indian Art by Lalit Kala Acadamy New Delhi

Feel honoured to write for this post of jayant's art journey. His work was published in book published by Lalit Kala academic New Delhi (the most authentic institution for Indian art in India). Book gives information of most valuable authentic artist total 192 from that 32 artist art work published in this book along with jayant's work there are work of AKBAR PADAMSEE, V S GAITONDE, N S BENDRE, KRISHNA REDDY, M F HUSSAIN, S H SOUZA, G R SANTOSH, J SWAMINATHAN, Few other artist there name there TAYEB MEHTA, BHUPEN KHAKHAR, This all information is to value a forgetting star in sky of Indian contemporary art that is Jayant Parikh. His painting in this book is from collection of TATA institute of fundamental Research.

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