Jayant Parikh

Jayant Parikh's clients all over the world.

The list of country in which Jayant's painting in abroad list include uncounted country such as Hawai, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Egypt, China and so many more in short his paintings are spread throughout world from his @ 22 one man show at Taj art gallery The Taj Mahal hotel Apollo Bunder fort Mumbai, Chemould art gallery 8 show, Pandoul art gallery 2 show.

Corporate, Private company and Institute

  1. Air India
  2. Taj group of Hotels
  3. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  4. Tata Textile
  5. Maxmular Bhaven
  6. Feoli fine art (U. S. A.)
  7. Chemould gallery
  8. Pundol Art Gallery
  9. Jehangir Nicholson art Foundation at Chatra Pati shivaji Maharaj museum Bombay
  10. National gallery of Modern art (New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore)
  11. Lalit kala acadami New Delhi and Gujarat
  12. Hyderabad Museum and akadami
  13. Vadodara Museum and picture Gallery
  14. Chandigadh Museum
  15. Karnataka Lalit Kala
  16. Themis
  17. Inter Publicity
  18. Kamani Tubes
  19. Associated Capsules
  20. F A G bearing company (Vadodara)
  21. G S F C (Vadodara)
  22. Alembic (Vadodara)
  23. Overseas communication Service
  24. Modipan & Rubber
  25. Titaghar paper mills
  26. Gujrat Refinary (Vadodara)
  27. Express group of Hotels (Vadodara)
  28. Jyoti limited (Vadodara)
  29. Music and dance college (Vallabh Vidhyanagar)
  30. Alka resturent (Vadodara)
  31. Aradhna cinema hall (Vadodara)
  32. Chimanlal Paper Co.

Abroad clients

  1. P. L. Roussel (United Kingdom)
  2. Dr. Jayesh Sagarwala (United Kingdom)
  3. Mr. Mulla (Dubai)
  4. Architect. Kite (Japan) (He brought Jayant's total one man show for his design restaurant in Tokyo)
  5. Bharti and Harsh Thakore (Canada)
  6. Mike Pikekaro (Canada)
  7. Dr. Shaivali Shah (U S A)
  8. Dr. Nandit Parikh (Georgia, Europe)
  9. Mr. Kiran Vyas (France)
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Felian S Zeidenfeld (Abroad)
  11. Mr. Dodge (Abroad)
  12. Mr. Conway (Abroad)
  13. Mr. Phillipps Bradly (Abroad)
  14. Mr. P. A. Starong (Abroad)
  15. Mr. J. H. Jenks (Abroad)
  16. Mr. Mavo Murphy (Abroad)
  17. Mr. Nibeh (Abroad)
  18. Mr. Torsten Homing (Abroad)

Individual clients

  1. Rajmata Subhangini raje Gaekwad and Late Shrimant Maharaja Ranjeetsigh Gaekwad of Baroda
  2. J R D TATA (brought 6 painting from single show and instructed to Mrs Sohni to put at different place for Taj group of hotels
  3. Jal Coswa ji & Mr. Cooka (Head of Mr. Cows ji in Air India) (Brought lot Jayant's painting for Air India famous was on traditional folk dance which was put to Air India counter at Taj Mahal hotel later it was shifted to West Germany)
  4. Dr. Karan Singh (Maharaja of Kashmir)
  5. Azim Premji (Chairman Wipro)
  6. Dr. Bhavin Desai & Vilin Desai (Vadodara)
  7. Mona Chawla (Mother of famous actress Juhi Chawla)
  8. Mr. S. K. Diwanji
  9. Mrs Wadia (Bombay Dyeing)
  10. Mr. S. P. Godrej (Padma Bhusan and co-founder of Godrej group )
  11. Mr. Harishchandra Chaganlal
  12. Mr. Pillo and Yana Modi
  13. Mr. Aditya Nehru
  14. Mr. Pilloo Bilimoria
  15. Mrs Sohni and Mrs Kelkar (behalf of Taj Group of Hotels)
  16. Architect I. M. Kadri (Bombay)
  17. Mr. Jahangir
  18. Mr. Surendra K. Patel (Patvi Family, Bhadran)
  19. Mr. Aasim Nadvi (New Delhi)
  20. Mrs. Saryu Doshi (Bombay)
  21. Mr. A. B. S. Dubhas
  22. Mr. Jahangir Dubhas
  23. Mr. Soli Divecha
  24. Mr. Farrock Mulla
  25. Mr. Dilip Dhanukar (M L Dhanukar marg in Mumbai from his for father name in Bombay)
  26. Mr. J. C. Zavar
  27. Mr. & Mrs. Satalvad
  28. Mr. Nanubhai Amin (Vadodara Jyoti Limited)
  29. Mrs. P. Abraham
  30. Sara Abharam (Chennai)
  31. Mr. Suresh Nanavati
  32. Mr. M. H. Kamani
  33. Dr. Nihal Notanis
  34. T. Manecklal
  35. M. Rusi Coal