Jayant Parikh

National Awards

Mr Jayant parikh was among few Indian artist who is awarded national award for art more than once . He is honoured first national award in 1970 for his painting "behind screen " by President v v giri and second national award in 1980 for his graphic by President Neelam Sanjeev daddy great honour to the artist Nd his extra ordinary achievement in field of art .this award is equivalent to national award given to field of Movie litigate,,dance etc.

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Jayant parikh was honoured by national award for painting and graphic art in 1970 & 1980 he is among very few may be among 20 Indian artist in history of Indian art who is honoured national award more than once few such are Shanties Dave, Jeram Patel, Jyoti Bhatt

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National Award in year 1980

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